Libraries are necessary!

This article makes me furious! I don’t understand what goes through some people’s minds. Why is it that libraries are seen as expendable and what can we do to change that? When did we become “obsolete” simply because the internet is readily available?

We are necessary to helping today’s information age and despite what people believe not everything is available online and people still enjoy reading books. We must make a stand to discourage this type of thinking and encourage our community’s support of libraries in any form. Please fight this article!

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2 thoughts on “Libraries are necessary!

  1. Are the people preventing health care reform correct or wrong with their advocacy?

    • Melissa

      I’m a little confused. Why this question regarding my post? I understand health care reform is a huge issue right now but I’m not sure where you are coming from on how it relates to libraries and their continued importance in our society?

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