The end is nigh!

We are now in Week 11 of the semester and time is flying by. By the end of this week, I am required to have my entire course fully developed and in place in Canvas. I am happy to say that I will be successful in meeting this deadline. All of my course content is developed and ready to go. In addition, I have been working on my job aid for the course throughout the semester. I put the finishing touches on it last week and had my work colleague proofread it. I added it to my course homepage and just need my peer to review it in the upcoming weeks. I went ahead and published my course as well as added myself as a student so I could see what it looked like from that perspective. I think I’m in good shape for the remainder of the semester.

With regards to technological challenges, I haven’t encountered any hurdles that I wasn’t able to overcome or determine a way around them. One challenge I did face with Canvas is the peer review option. With assignments, the instructor can tag it as requiring peer review and manually assign the peer reviews to specific students. Since part of the final grade is allotted to peer reviews, I have the peer reviews tagged as requiring peer reviews in Canvas; however, the problem is I don’t have any real students enrolled in the course. I’m unsure how the peer review option would actually work. I’ve looked at Canvas help but still can’t visualize it. I think this is one aspect of the course that would be best reviewed after an implementation to see how it functions when the course is live. I’ve decided to leave the course as is with the peer reviews tagged as I plan to implement at a future date.

Referring to people challenges, I have been super lucky in this area. Other than some minor confusion on adding me to her course as an instructor it’s been a smooth progression. It took a while to determine what was happening at the beginning; she had added me as a student instead of an instructor. Once we figured out the problem, we were able to resolve the issue quickly, and my peer reviewer has provided me with insightful and helpful feedback that I’ve used to improve my course. As an example, one of her suggestions was to designate the order of the activities in each module. I had them listed in chronological order by due date but the order wasn’t explicitly stated. Based upon her feedback, I modified my modules to include the order for each assignment, such as “Week 1 Introductions (Activity 1 of 5).” This way students can clearly see the suggested order for working through the modules.

While working on this assignment, I’ve realized that deadlines really are the key to success. Although at times, it made me want to scream and pull out my hair; I’m not bald by the way. If the deadlines weren’t in place, I wouldn’t have pushed myself so hard to get the work completed on time. One change I would make for next time is to space out the recordings of the video. I recorded all of them during a period of four days and it was very tiring. In the future, I would record them over a period of weeks so that I wouldn’t get burned out by them.

Thinking about my strengths as a designer, I would say that my internal drive to succeed is the main one. Throughout this process, I didn’t give up and I kept going. I pushed myself hard to stay on track and meet my timeline. I started early and kept going. I truly believe that was the main reason I was able to finish on time and be happy with how the course looks. Thinking about what I need to improve as a designer, I will admit that I don’t always take criticism well. I need to work on stepping back, listening to the feedback, and why it’s being shared. Nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

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